RCAP CoSpace Challenges

consists of:

CoSpace Autonomous Driving Challenge

The RCAP CoSpace Autonomous Driving Challenge (Former CoSpace Grand Prix) focuses on path planning in a smart city.

For this challenge, teams are required to program autonomous vehicles to navigate through a smart city in both real and virtual environments (CoSpace).


RCAP Rule Book 2022

RCAP CoSpace Autonomous Driving, FirstSteps Category
RCAP CoSpace Autonomous Driving, U12 Category
RCAP CoSpace Autonomous Driving, U19 Category
Call for Participation


RCAP CoSpace Rescue Challenge

CoSpace Rescue Challenge focuses on path planning and search algorithms.

For this challenge, 2 teams will compete with each other by developing and programming strategies for both real and virtual autonomous robots to navigate, search and collect different objects in the same real and virtual environments (CoSpace).


RCAP Rule Book 2022

RCAP CoSpace Rescue, FirstSteps Category
RCAP CoSpace Rescue, U12 Category
RCAP CoSpace Rescue, U19 Category
RCAP CoSpace Rescue, University (Advanced)
Call for Participation


RCAP CoSpace Logistics Challenge

The CoSpace Logistics Challenge is targeting the use of robots in work-related scenarios and smart factories for Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary students.

The CoSpace Logistics Challenge utilizes ideas and concepts from RoboCup@Industry. It is conducted in a co-existing real-virtual space. In the CoSpace Logistics Challenge, teams are required to make and program a real mobile robot, a virtual mobile robot, and a robotic arm. In the real world, the robot arm will manipulate the objects and load/unload them on the mobile robots. The mobiles robot will then deliver the objects to the teleportation station and teleport them to the virtual world for making new products in the smart factory.

Rule Book
Call for Participation