RCAP Board of Trustee Meeting @RCAP Tianjin Invitational Tournament 2019

May 16, 2019
Tianjin, China

The RCAP Board of Trustees gathered for a meeting chaired by Prof. Changjiu Zhou, President of RCAP Confederation & Vice President of RoboCup Federation at Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University.

The following was reviewed and discussed:

  • Report by RCAP Tianjin Invitational Tournament 2019 LOC
  • Presentation by RCAP 2019 Moscow LOC
  • Presentation by RCAP 2020 Aichi LOC
  • Presentation by RCAP 2021 South Korea Bid Delegation

Additionally, RCAP Advisory Committee members, Prof. Minoru Asada (Founding Trustee & Former President of RoboCup Federation), Prof. Daniele Nardi (Former President of RoboCup Federation), Prof. Fernando Ribeiro (Trustee of RoboCup Federation) and RCAP Executive Committee members were also invited to join the meeting by the RCAP Board of Trustees.