RCAP 2019 Closing Ceremony & RCAP 2020 Handover Ceremony was held in Moscow, Russia

November 10, 2019
Moscow, Russia

RCAP 2019’s Closing Ceremony was held at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia.

Per RCAP tradition, RCAP 2020 Handover Ceremony was also conducted by Prof. Changjiu Zhou (President of RCAP Confederation) who was joined on stage by the RCAP Board of Trustees, representatives from RCAP 2019 LOC and RCAP 2020 LOC.

During the handover ceremony, Prof. Roman Meshcheryakov (General Chair of RCAP 2019) handed RCAP’s official flag to the representatives of RCAP 2020, Mr Hiroyuki Ito (Director-General, Bureau of Economy and Industry, Aichi Prefectural Government) and Prof. Hiroyuki Okada (Chair of RoboCup Japanese Regional Committee & General Chair of RCAP 2020 Aichi).

Here’s to wishing RCAP 2020 Aichi a big success!